Who’s Using ACL GRC? Read the Latest Customer Reviews and Stories

The ACL GRC buzz continues to spread around the world and across all industries, and we’re thrilled to share the latest news releases and case studies. So, who’s using ACL GRC, how and why?

Washington Trust Bank:

Washington Trust has a vision for audit that requires a unified and flexible audit management system. ACL GRC provides the audit team with a seamless link to our methodology and supports our evolving vision of using actual data to drive audit coverage. With minimum effort, our process can be systemized. Other systems did not provide the flexibility for us to arrive at our desired destination as an audit group.” -Daniel A. Clark, SVP of Internal Audit at Washington Trust Bank
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Shared Services for Charities Limited:

Many of our auditors rotate in and out of different charities and are often producing reports on the go. We needed a system that would create consistent reporting among our auditors, house all documentation in one place, and provide easy access in the cloud, regardless of a volunteer’s location.” -Lilian Tay, Executive Director
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Tennessee Department of Transportation:

ACL’s solutions are the gold standard in risk and control data analysis, so it was a straightforward decision to employ its full audit management solution as part of our efforts to leverage modern technology. We now have an audit management system that effectively helps us achieve our mission of providing objective analysis and information that is critical to better decision making and enhances the overall governance capability within TDOT.” -Mel Marcella, Director of Internal Audit
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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe:
“In our search for a solution, we were impressed by the technology’s ability to take the pain out of annual and individual engagement planning, file review and reporting.” -Trudi Ingles, Head of Internal Audit, Risk Management, SOX, Compliance and Information Security
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“The big influencers in our decision… included the easy implementation, cloud-based software, which allows our auditors to work using their mobile devices, and the fact that we didn’t have to make a substantial hardware purchase or heavily invest in IT. With little time or effort, all of our team members will be able to immediately and vastly improve the sophistication of their audit management.”
-Brandie Llewelyn, Information Systems Audit Manager
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“It was extremely crucial for us to choose a solution that would support SOX compliance, as well as operational audits. ACL’s cloud-based technology will make the on-boarding process associated with each acquisition much easier on everyone within the audit team and will benefit the entire organization.”
 -Ritesh Desai, Internal Audit Manager
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Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

We are embracing new technologies to better serve our mission and the public by continuously monitoring each and every transaction in order to prevent loss. We are accountable to the people of Massachusetts, and through use of ACL’s technology, we are able to strengthen our risk management processes and provide more value to those who travel through the Commonwealth using our transportation system.” -Richard A. Davey, Secretary & CEO
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The secure, web-based cloud system is straightforward and provides access for all members within our global audit team. It’s important for us to have the flexibility to begin on a small level, but the scalability of the system will allow us to easily cover all of the complex needs of our global audit group.” -Johanna María Einarsdóttir, Director of Internal Audit
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ARS Humano:
“We were already aware of ACL’s powerful data analysis technology because our government regulator uses it. When searching for a comprehensive solution that would immediately flag problematic transactions, it was clear that ACL had the whole package, from the risk matrix to easy-to-read graphic reports.”  –Franklin Trujillo, CFO
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Ritchie Bros.

“Our goal is to build a best-in-class risk management team at Ritchie Bros. and operational efficiency is a big part of that. ACL’s GRC software makes risk management across the enterprise and compliance with SOX simple and straightforward, which will ultimately allow us to accelerate and improve our overall risk management function.” –
Aman Kallu, Director of Risk Management
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Arizona State University:

“We identified a need within University Audit for a more effective and efficient process to perform and document our audit projects, and ACL’s data-driven GRC technology was a great fit. The consulting services and ACL’s service-oriented approach have created a smooth implementation process and served as a valuable resource throughout the purchase and implementation.”
-Tracy Grunig, Director of University Audit
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Advanced Disposal:
“We looked at various software solutions and felt that ACL GRC was the product that best suited our expanding internal audit and SOX compliance needs.” -Kara Meacham, Director of Internal Audit
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Greater Baltimore Medical Center:
“Because ACL’s solution is in the cloud, we don’t have to worry about updating the software and didn’t have to burden our IT department with installation and infrastructure investments. We will also save a great deal of time previously spent cross-referencing paper files. And since we deal with vast amounts of sensitive data, the fact that we are very comfortable with the security of ACL GRC is of great importance to us.” -Dan Shelly, Senior Internal Auditor of Compliance and Audit Services
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Northern Arizona University:

We were impressed by ACL GRC’s flexibility, visually appealing features, and ease of use. We’re really looking forward to seeing improvements in our productivity once the technology is implemented.” -Mark Petterson, Chief Audit Executive
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99¢ Only Stores:

We selected ACL GRC for our internal audit management system from a number of leading solutions for several reasons. This solution provided us with a very user-friendly, easily implemented approach to fully digitizing our audit process, including risk assessment, planning, workpapers, and reporting.” -Tom Rudenko, Director of Internal Audit and Chief Audit Executive
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CHC Helicopter:

“One of CHC’s most significant projects is a global Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance audit, and after implementing ACL GRC, the SOX audit is now two months ahead of schedule.”
-Marian Jakovcic, Director of Internal Audit
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Fortegra Financial Corporation:

“We were half-way through our SOX compliance process and it was an administrative burden. ACL GRC offered us a simple, centralized, and secure audit management system that immediately helped us become more productive and collaborative. Within a week, we were up and running.”
 – Laura Bartz, CPA, Internal Audit Manager & Emily Rhodin, CCPA, CRMA, Vice President Internal Audit & SOX Compliance

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Traina & Associates:

“What began as a search for a simple tool that would automate the audit tracking process concluded with the adoption of a full-fledged audit management solution. The flexibility of ACL GRC really astounded us. …I can’t even begin to describe just how much time we saved with ACL GRC. It still blows my mind.”
– Lisa Traina, CPA, CITP, CGMA, President
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Straight Talk Consulting Solutions:

“With the ACL GRC app, if I’m doing an inventory walkthrough at a warehouse, I can snap a photo as evidence, upload it to my walkthrough tab and say, ‘here it is; I was on site, here is the evidence, and here is the conclusion; I’m done.’ By the time I board my flight to return to the office, the test is already documented and concluded. I think it’s fantastic.”
– Sergiu Cernautan, CPA, CISA, Principal
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