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Communicating with storyboards, publicly accessible Inspirations, activity logging in Project Manager, questionnaire logic, and more!

The Product Pulse is ACL’s regular blog series on product & ecosystem updates.

What’s the big deal with storyboards?

Have you ever been sent a link to a dashboard? Or maybe a PDF with a bunch of pretty graphs on it? You were probably impressed at first, but how long did you stare at it trying to figure it out before you gave up, closed it, and never looked at it again?

Yes, we at ACL have been presented with some terrible dashboards in our time, so we set out to solve this conundrum. Turns out, the answer is simple: explain the viz, right on the viz. Here’s what I mean:


Graphs and visualizations can be fantastic tools for presenting datasets, but your ultimate objective is to communicate. Communicating with only graphs is like trying to Pictionary a Shakespeare play: you can do it, but you’re doing it wrong. You don’t need to have ACL GRC to try it, either*. Get started with Storyboards today by heading to Launchpad (aclgrc.com) > Results Manager > Create New Storyboard, and learn more here: http://help.aclgrc.com/creating-or-editing-storyboards-in-results-manager

*Note: you need to be a Launchpad admin for your organization as well as have a Results Manager Lite Professional subscription. Contact us if you’re unsure how to get it working.

SNEAK PEEK: a new Crosstab viz is coming soon in Reports Manager, for your storyboards:


Send your uncle Fred to Inspirations.

If you haven’t heard about Inspirations yet, it’s a place where audit, risk, and compliance professionals can share ideas on how to identify, test, and monitor risk. We feel that the content in Inspirations is so important to the professional community that we’ve opened it up for everyone (well, maybe not our competitors) to sign-up and browse.


The URL you can share with your uncle Fred is: https://accounts.aclgrc.com/inspirations/, and currently there are over 200 inspirations to browse through. The newest subject area we’ve added is Unemployment Insurance; tests include ensuring that your taxes are not going to dead people.

Here’s the important thing to remember: if/when you get asked to log in, click the “Sign-in with Launchpad” button. Only if you don’t have an ACL subscription (either Analytics or GRC) do you need to sign up. In other words, your uncle Fred needs to sign up, but you probably already have a Launchpad account so just click the button:


Meanwhile, in Project Manager land, find out who messed with your controls and test plans.

So you’re in Project Manager testing some controls, when you notice that the control’s language seems different. Who messed with your control, and what did else did they do? Suddenly, you’re feeling insecure about your entire program until you remember to check out the activity history. It’s available right on the control details screen, as well as other screens across Project Manager:


Details include who changed stuff, when, and what they changed. Awesome! Learn more about the activity log here: http://help.aclgrc.com/activity-logging-in-project-manager

Protip: Use keyboard shortcuts to add CC emails to requests and action items. When you’re typing in emails, hit either space, semi-colon, enter, or comma to move on to the next email address. We just saved you an average of 0.5 seconds per recipient, times 3 recipients per request, times 30 requests per project times 20 projects per year, that’s 15 minutes we’re saving you over the next year. Cheers!


Building questionnaires also just got a lot more fun.

The questionnaires in Results Manager are a great way to perform a risk assessment survey or to tie evidence to exceptions identified in Analytics. This past month, we’ve added the ability to toggle questions on and off depending on responses, so you can do things like this:


You can ask for a generic reason and, depending on the answer, ask for more a more detailed excuse. Huzzah!

You’re probably thinking, “questionnaires are so awesome now, I want to create thousands of them!” We knew you’d say that, and we’re ready. You can also copy questions and entire questionnaires to create thousands of them.

Protip: Add page breaks to long questionnaires to fool your respondents into thinking that the questionnaire is shorter than it actually is.

Other stuff you might should be aware of:

  • The ACL Analytics Foundations course in Academy now has quizzes to self-evaluate your progress throughout the course. We’ve simultaneously made the course more effective and more stressful for learners
  • We’ve added a ScriptHub script to help you download and prepare the data from ACL GRC Project Manager into Analytics
  • In Results Manager, records can now be assigned to a group, and conditional filters have been added
  • You can now upload multiple attachments at one time in the Project Manager client
  • We changed a bunch of subscription labels

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