What do tech analysts have to say about audit management software?

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Technology analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester are a resource that many CIOs and some CFOs turn to for guidance about general technology direction, as well as specific vendors and product applications.

For several years the only reference the firms made to internal audit was usually in the detail of a report on GRC. So it was interesting to see that Gartner have produced a fairly comprehensive Market Guide for Audit Management. I suspect that many audit leaders have not yet seen it.

The report draws attention to some major trends in the audit software market, including transition from on-premise to software as a service (SaaS) deployments, use of mobile devices for conducting audits, and integration with data analytics—all of which are expected to continue to grow significantly in the coming years. Gartner also recommend that CAEs consider vendors based on alignment with internal audit needs and GRC application requirements from other departments.

All of this aligns perfectly with ACL’s audit management product capabilities and are areas that ACL has been emphasizing as important factors in helping auditors to transform their effectiveness through the use of technology.

It was also good to see Gartner’s recommendations around considering visual interfaces. Everyone who has seen ACL’s audit management and analytics results management UI seems to comment favorably on how well this works

Gartner even gave a specific call-out in its market guide about ACL’s easy navigation and workflow alignment.
Really hard to argue with all this!

View the report

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