We are pleased to announce the release of ACL Analytics 9.3.


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Faster. Stronger. Smarter.

Improved Usability and Fraud Detection

The newly released version builds upon the current products features and functions — providing customers with faster, stronger and smarter business assurance.

Desktop relieves the pain associated with importing data locked in business systems and reports, getting you access to the data faster. The robust analysis engine in Desktop allows you to easily work with entire data populations to pinpoint exceptions and highlight potential areas of concern for stronger and more accurate business assurance. Immediate visibility into your organisation’s most critical data allows key stakeholders to work smarter. When you put it all together, you have superior assurance— ACL Desktop.

Highlights of ACL Desktop 9.3
  • New Fuzzy Duplicates command allows you to join and match data across different sources and identify near-duplicate data records
  • Enhanced script readability with line numbering, word wrap and color coding for comments, commands and parameters.
  • LEVDIST() Function – Returns the Levenshtein Distance between two specified strings, which is a measurement of how much the two strings differ
  • ISFUZZYDUP() Function – Returns a logical value indicating whether a string is a fuzzy duplicate of a comparison string
  • OMIT() Function – Returns a string with one or more specified substrings removed
  • Resize all columns through right click menu
  • Filter and command line functions in right click menu
  • New right mouse click menu option-> Replace filter
  • Addition of a new ‘Run’ icon in the script toolbar
  • Addition of a new ‘Add table’ icon in main toolbar
  • Addition of a new ‘Display variables’ icon in main toolbar
  • And, many more…
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