Two brand new ACL workshops now included

With cutbacks, new regulatory compliance, productivity mandates and risk of fraud all knocking at our doors, we’d like to propose a morning of problem solving and inspiration, to help you and your team become more effective in dealing with today’s growing business challenges.

Learn first-hand from customer speakers and ACL experts, who will demonstrate how to use data analytics technology to achieve powerful results. Understand how to take the first steps in either introducing analytics, encouraging their use in other departments, or increasing your levels of automation to become more efficient, gain more insight and add real business value in this tough environment.

  • Live Customer Study – Lloyds TSB Financial Services Ltd
  • Fraud Workshop – Finding the Truth in the Transactions
  • SAP Workshop – Solving the Data Access Challenge

Spaces are limited, so do not delay in reserving your seat.

08:30-09:00 Registration | Breakfast
09:00-09:30 Welcome & Introduction: Analytics – A Practical GuideRobin

Clough, ACDA,
ACL Certified Trainer, DataConsulting Ltd.

09:30-10:00 LIVE Customer Case Study: No More Pins and Needles – The Auditor Regains the

True Feeling of the DataBarry M Jones, Senior Credit Manager,
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Limited

10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-11:15 NEW! ACL Workshop: Fraud – Finding the Truth in the

TransactionsRobin Clough, ACDA,
ACL Certified Trainer, DataConsulting Ltd.

11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-12:30 NEW! ACL Workshop: SAP – Solving the Data Access ChallengeRobin

Clough, ACDA,
ACL Certified Trainer, DataConsulting Ltd.

12:30-13:00 Q&A | Wrap up | Lunch


Session Details

7th June 2011

CPE Credits
Workshop attendees qualify for 4 CPE credits

Registration & Coffee
8:30 am

9:00 am – 12:30 am


North Wharf Road
Paddington, London
W2 1LA


Suitable for
Audit, Control, Fraud, Risk, Compliance and Finance management /executives

Robin Clough
Barry M Jones

15% discount will be given to attendees of our London ACL Business Assurance Workshop for the following Open Enrollment courses!

ACL 182: Enterprise Accelerated (Introductory: 25 CPDs)
London 13-15 June
Dublin 27-29 June

ACL 252: Using ACL to Detect Fraud (Intermediate: 16 CPDs)
London 16-17 June

ACL 303: ACL Concepts & Techniques: Functions & Scripts (Advanced: 25 CPDs)
London 20-22 June


Welcome & Introduction: Analytics –  A Practical Guide
Robin Clough
ACDA, ACL Certified Trainer
DataConsulting Ltd.

The ability to analyse 100% of transactional data is a crucial ingredient to help your organisation obtain a higher level of assurance. But how do you get to this point? Learn the practical steps in either introducing or increasing the use of analytics across your business and the combination of people, process and technology needed to build success.

LIVE Customer Case Study:
No more pins and needles – the auditor regains the true feeling of the data

Barry M Jones
Senior Credit Manager
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Limited

Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, is a market leader in asset based lending, supporting over 10,000 clients from start-ups to multi-nationals.

The audit team has been using ACL for a number of years to analyse third party data flows, providing independent assurance to the company in its efforts to evaluate the value in the security offered, prevent and detect fraud. However, as the customer base becomes larger and more complex, the need for deeper insight and more coverage has become a priority. An extended use of ACL allows the group to interrogate data and obtain quick analysis in a structured and controlled way, allowing the auditor to both regain the feel for the data and handle large volumes without any risk of corrupting the source, and, to merge large data files with other inputs to enrich outputs. This has allowed LTSBCF to correctly understand and recommend facilities for large organisations in full knowledge of the historic trends, setting expectations for subsequent monitoring. In these situations it has placed LTSBCF on a level playing field with the client ensuring that they have the capacity (tools) to fully review their data on which funds would be advanced.

Barry’s team is also using ACL’s Audit Analytic Capability Model to create a roadmap to get management buy-in to the long-term benefits of continuous monitoring. By highlighting the benefits gained from monitoring operational risk for Basel and enabling ongoing internal control reviews, the framework will the help structure a business case for increasing analytic testing throughout the organisation. This is important to LTSBCF in maintaining operational efficiencies and a robust risk control process.

ACL Workshop: Fraud – The Truth is in the Transactions
Robin Clough
ACDA, ACL Certified Trainer
DataConsulting Ltd.

See examples of key analytical tests that will help you gain greater insight into targeted audit areas and identify potential risk. Learn from ACL about the top areas of testing to gain quick wins.

ACL Workshop: SAP – Solving the Data Access Challenge
Robin Clough
ACDA, ACL Certified Trainer
DataConsulting Ltd.

If a frequent pain for you is getting direct, timely access to your organisation’s SAP data to be more successful in your role, wouldn’t you like to find out how you could simplify and even automate data extraction, whilst maintaining total integrity and security of the data and systems being interrogated? Experience a taste of how to perform multi-table or focused queries, advanced table searches or flexible query extraction amongst many other things. Includes real customer examples and case study projects in ACL.

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