Excel Advanced

Excel has recently undergone a serious change of pace with the introduction of a number of ‘power’ utilities. These are aimed squarely at data analytic and BI users, giving them (and the rest of us) access to increasing volumes of data with more powerful tools to summarise, analyse and visualise that data.

We can help you explore these ‘power’ utilities within Excel and take advantage of them through tailored workshops. These hands-on sessions will focus on those areas of most interest or relevance to you.

Learning Objectives

Perhaps you want to look more closely at:

  • Accessing large data populations through PowerQuery.
  • Summarising, extending tables and linking to other tables using PowerPivot.
  • Visualising the results of your analysis through PowerView and Map.
  • Automating some of the more routine or mundane data verification, analysis or reporting activities with VBA macros.

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