ACL GRC Custom Workshop

We deliver a two day workshop that covers a general overview of ACL GRC, however we have availability to focus on specific aspects of ACL GRC. We can also provide best practices guide in uploading and creating your Projects, setting up the Risks, creating scripts to automate Results Manager and/or creating Reports either at a basic or advanced level.

The general workshop overview will intended to illustrate the general steps that an auditor would perform to carry out their work in completing an audit in the ACL GRC, from planning and scheduling, to centralising and organising all activities, work papers and communications.

Learning Objectives

These are the key learning objectives for the course:

  • Navigating ACL GRC: Logging in and screen elements.
  • Administering Users: Adding users, audit project roles.
  • Creating an Audit Project: audit planning, defining procedures, scheduling users.
  • Performing Field Work: executing procedures, managing client requests, to-do tasks, & documenting issues.
  • Creating Reports: issue reports, project status, and concluding a project.

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