ACL Audit Exchange (AX) Custom Workshop

Designed specifically for experienced ACL users, this two day hands-on course introduces the audit or business assurance team to the complete Analytics Exchange (AX) solution. Using examples that follow the traditional assurance cycle from initial planning through reporting and follow-up, your team will learn how to interact with AX to increase team efficiency and effectiveness using the AX platform. Hands-on examples used in the class will illustrate how ACL software can provide immediate value to your audits and other business reviews.

In addition to introducing the fundamentals of using AX, this course also teaches basic ACL scripting to be used for developing analytics optimised for use in the AX environment. You will learn how to import data and results tables into AX for ad-hoc server analysis or continuous auditing and monitoring use, and how to transfer the results of tests performed offline into AX for team collaboration and further server-side analysis. Instructors will share best practices for designing, testing, and managing Analytic logic, both for analytics intended to be run interactively by a wide range of Analytics Exchange users, and those designed to be scheduled for automatic server processing.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Integrate Analytics Exchange capabilities to your team’s audit or assurance processes.
  • Understand the capabilities and differences between Analytics Exchange and ACL Analytics.
  • Explain the advantages of server-based analytics over traditional ACL Analytics scripts.
  • Describe best practices for planning, designing, building, testing and maintaining analytics.
  • Set up engagements and engagement templates, and assign appropriate access rights for your team.
  • Import tables into Analytics Exchange for secure storage, ad-hoc server-based analysis, or continuous auditing and monitoring.
  • Share findings and results with other team members by importing Tables, ACL Command Logs and supporting audit evidence of any type into Analytics Exchange.
  • Create, edit and document basic ACL Analytics scripts and server analytics.
  • Understand the role of variables, variable substitution and analytic parameters for creating analytics that can be run and customised by non-specialist users.
  • Convert existing ACL scripts into AX Analytics.
  • Design analytics that can be run against different tables based on user input initiate, schedule and troubleshoot analytics running on the server
  • Run and schedule pre-configured analytics for continuous auditing and monitoring.

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