TRAC – DataConsulting’s Telecoms Revenue Assurance Offering


With recent successes in the external audit space and a commission from a significant Telecoms business, DataConsulting is pleased to announce the launch of its Telecoms Revenue Assurance Offering – TRAC the Telecoms Revenue Assurance Calculator. For organisations who struggle to reconcile their MNO invoices, or have doubts over customer billing. DataConsulting can bring significant expertise into this space.

The advantages of TRAC include:

  • Customisable solutions and reports
  • Quick deployment and rapid reporting
  • Analysis of both retail and wholesale data
  • Ability to monitor the success of offers
  • Cost effective solutions when compared to the alternatives

Telecoms businesses spend vast sums of money on ensuring the completeness and accuracy of its cost base and revenue assurance. Now you can help your business get on the right track with TRAC, the latest revenue assurance offering from DataConsulting; a cost effective, managed solution that will answer all your questions and more.


Contact us if you would like to find out more about TRAC or complete our enquiry form.
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