Top 3 Places to Visit in May


Top 3 Places to Visit in May

Hurrah it’s May!! The lovely month brings us Bank Holidays, BBQs and British Weather… Let’s hope that the sun is out for the first two. This May also brings you the new addition to DataConsulting – Rikki Wainman. For this month’s Coffee Corner I thought it would be a great idea to have a little look at the Top 3 Places to Visit in May. Will these inspire your next trip away…

Starting with Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Subway

This is the World’s Largest City with a population of over 36 million, Tokyo is a megacity. This is not a trip for the faint hearted what you experience here will be like nothing you’ve experienced before. One word that sums up Tokyo is different. Tourists have been swapping the usual tourist hotspots for a unique experience and that is where Japan comes in.

Tokyo is utterly fascinating. There is so many things recommended and when the top things to do are amongst the most nonchalant things, like crossing the road, taking a train, karaoke and the local fish market, Tokyo makes any tourist smile when they visit. The otaku things are not only acceptable but are cool in this city. Otaku is Japanese for geek. Tokyo welcomes otakus with open arms and shows them a thing or too! When describing Tokyo the response is usually ‘it’s like nowhere else we’ve been before it’s all very different.’ If the World was a book and the places were characters then Tokyo would be amongst the favourite. The technology, architecture, culture, fashion, food so much is going on and what makes Tokyo the quirky otaku character is that it does all of these things to make people go wow. Wow indeed.

Fun Fact

Passengers’ footsteps at Tokyo’s train station generate energy every time they take a step. Special flooring tiles capture the vibrations and store the footfalls as energy. Enough energy is captured to light up electronic signboards! Very resourceful.


Venice, Italy


Venice has been one of Europe’s top destination for many years and with the city built on water in the middle of a lagoon, the enchantment beams at tourists and residents. Most cities have the abundance of attractions with excellent foodies, museums, architecture – Venice is not lacking in sightseeing that’s for sure. What is most exceptional is of course simply wandering around the canals and what better time to go then in May for Vogalonga.

May brings the start of the regatta season, Venetians paddle up their boats and row in a standing position across the glorious waters of Venice, the annual event Vogalonga translates to “long row” and is 20 miles across a sublime route of Venice. This regatta is different from the usual religious or centuries old traditions; Vogalonga started in 1974 with a simple goal: to celebrate the art of rowing. What a fantastic justification for a party! The best way to enjoy this has got to be at a waterfront bar with a classic cocktail in hand. May is for sure an exciting time to be in bella Venice. Most European cities have a certain charm and Venice is no exception, just exquisite. Let Venice allure you in, it will not disappoint.

Fun Fact

In 2008, Venetian officials banned tourists from feeding the pigeons, Venice pigeon population is above 40,000!


New York City, USA

New York City

The third most visited city in the World. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Films, books, music even super heroes are all based in this animated city. So get your passport and get on the NYC bandwagon. I Love NYC, this is a phrase that is painted on coffee mugs, t-shirts, badges, caps etc. And you are likely to bring most of these items home with you! It has been a pinpoint destination and will continue to be in the Worlds most visited cities. It is an incredible city, from Soho to China town New York has something round every corner. With so much to do it is impossible to see everything on your visit all in one go.

So even though it is terribly cliché and you don’t get to see the real NYC you have to visit the places what put NYC on the map. Go up the Empire State Building, it’s worth the queues for the view of Manhattan. If you don’t make it up, try the Rockefeller Centre it has an astonishing view of the Park. Shop at Tiffany’s. Stop at one of the local eats on the street by Central Park have a pretzel and watch the locals play baseball!! Try everything. Whether you’re visiting New York for the first time or a returning to the Big Apple, your itinerary is never dull. Packed with life and energy it is the city that never sleeps has something for everyone. Whatever your itinerary may be, it will epitomise all New York has to offer and more. It truly is an unbelievable city. Will it be in the top places to visit in ten, twenty years’ time? Undoubtedly.

Fun Fact

The buskers on New York City Subway have to audition before they are allowed to entertain people, you can’t just turn up and play your guitar!!

NYC Busker

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