The case for Data Analytics consultancy.

Requirements for specialist Data Analytics work fluctuates. If your plans are to include Data Analytics as part of only a select few of your audits or ad-hoc projects, over the course of a year, wouldn’t it make more sense to have access to specialists when you need them rather than try to secure and retain a permanent resource?

In theory .Companies rarely require continuous access to specialist data analytics resources who have specific in-depth knowledge on certain topics.
In reality .Ambitious Data Analysts like to work with like-minded individuals. They are hard to retain and expensive to employ. Whilst its always useful to be able to tap into such expertise at any given moment, if they are predominantly on the bench, not learning from others and not actively working on projects they become unsettled and are an expensive luxury to the business.
The possibility .If you have fluctuating requirements, it may be more prudent to access specialists needed for the specific period.  You can then increase and reduce your requirement as needed.  Costs when you need it, no cost when you don’t.  Less headaches retaining talent too.  This approach enables you to have the right resource for the right project at the right time.

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