Telecommunications – IT Audit Applications for ACL


Telecommunications – IT Audit Applications for ACL

The drive to keep costs down is as important today as it was at the beginning of the recession, and the wealth of information that is available to do this is astounding. Take for example telecommunications. The bills that businesses pay for phone usage is astronomical. What if there was a way to analyse phone usage by examining the detailed breakdown of bills?

With ACL you can easily:

  • report on users with largest cumulated phone minutes, largest average phone duration, most incoming calls, etc;
  • analyse after-hours phone by user, phone number etc;
  • compare phone records to physical access records;
  • look for calls to competitors;
  • identify extensive calling to employee home numbers, or to overseas;
  • compare cell phone outgoing call origination or incoming call destination to HR records, annual leave, or travel records to highlight

Assuming the data is available, there is no limits to what can be achieved with ACL.

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