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If you are already using ACL Analytics, you have probably heard about the ACL Server platform, Analytics Exchange (AX). The AX platform includes a number of modules, all of which are based around AX Core. As the name suggests, AX Core is at the heart of AX, providing the key benefits of networking: security, speed, and automation.

You don’t need to have a big team to retain the benefits of AX Core. As your analytic capability broadens, you can also broaden its reach to other parts of the organisation.

Key features
  • AX Core is scalable – you can network multiple servers to add more processing power
  • Automate your analytics using the AX scheduling engine
  • Flexible security – authorisation can be customised to each user or group of users, allowing you to manage access to specific activities within an audit engagement
  • The central repository allows you the flexibility to access your analytics from anywhere within your organisation
  • Directly access SQL, Oracle, and DB2 databases using a secure, read-only interface, preserving the integrity of system security
AX Core is at the center of ACL Analytics Exchange

Leveraging server security and speed, AX Core provides powerful analytic processing capabilities and allows users to easily schedule and automate analysis. Its centralised approach ensures the quality and consistency of audit work, and safeguards the most sensitive data in your organisation. Built on the proven performance of ACL Analytics, it provides more processing power and expanded data access capabilities to help organisations realise significant productivity gains.

Automation for Greater Efficiency

Automation allows for analysis that previously had to be done repetitively on a manual basis to be done automatically, increasing overall efficiency and freeing up auditors to focus on other value-based audit tasks.

Server Security and Speed

Take advantage of server processing capabilities and security. Data is stored and analysed on the server, eliminating the need for sensitive data to be stored on laptops and personal computers where it can be compromised. Multiple servers can be networked to create virtually limitless analytic processing power.

Centralised Working Environment

Ensure the quality, repeatability and standardisation of work while improving audit processes and efficiency by storing all forms of audit content in a secure central repository. Retain audit knowledge and generate synergies by allowing audit management and team members to centrally view the work of others.

AX Core Client

AX Core Client is an interface allowing the more specialised users to import ACL Analytics content, create and manage engagements, schedule and automate analysis and distribute exceptions.

Visualise Results with AX Dashboard for Analytics Exchange

AX Dashboard for Analytics Exchange now provides sophisticated dashboarding capabilities, enabling your team to summarise results in a meaningful way and share them across the organisation. Take analytic results and findings to a whole new level with high-impact interactive charts, heat maps, combination graphs, or any of the other 40+ chart types.

AX Dashboard ensures that all stakeholders are in the loop, decreasing the time it takes to act on key areas of risk, while also providing impressive graphic reports that can be included in workpapers.

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