Spotlight on ACL Analytics Catalogue


Spotlight on ACL Analytics Catalogue

In summary, this catalogue gives a comprehensive listing of data analytics that can be implemented through ACL and DataConsulting’s analytics expertise.

ACL, is an enabler to allowing insightful analytics to expose matters of interest and summarised information for those working in audit, risk, compliance, fraud or finance functions. This is great but it can sometimes be difficult to work out where to start. To help with this common dilemma, DataConsulting have created the ’ACL Audit Analytics Catalogue’ which can help to give ideas of which analytics to implement.

The catalogue is the result of many years’ experience of developing analytics for many clients on multiple systems. The catalogue covers the main business cycles extensively. Areas covered are:

  • Travel & Entertainment – 21 analytics
  • Fixed Assets – 9 analytics
  • General Ledger – 29 analytics
  • Human Resources – 24 analytics
  • IT Audit – 25 analytics
  • Master Data – 16 analytics
  • Operations – 27 analytics
  • Order to Cash – 29 analytics
  • Payroll – 47 analytics
  • Purchase to Payment – 40 analytics
  • Record to Report – 9 analytics

As one size does not fit all the amount of time and effort to deploy the analytics can vary. The key variables affecting time and effort to deploy analytics are:

  • accessibility of data;
  • popularity of the systems from which the data is to be sourced; and
  • tweaks required to suit exact user needs.

If you are interested in progressing with the implementation of any of the analytics listed in this catalogue please make a note of them and contact DataConsulting to develop an implementation plan.

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