dab:Exporter allows you to extract tables from SAP. The extracted data gets converted into data formats which are appropriate for data analytics – for example ACL Analytics, ACL AX, GDPdU, Microsoft SQL Server or CSV (comma separated values). dab:Exporter is fully capable of downloading Big Data. Even huge SAP tables like the General Ledger in BKPF/BSEG can be exported easily.

SAP Systems & Target formats

dab:Exporter supports SAP starting from SAP R/3 4.5 – for example SAP ERP as well as SAPERP ECC 6.0. Data extracted is converted automatically to ACL Analytics Desktop, ACL Analytics Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, CSV (comma separated values) or GDPdU (which is a special format in context of the German tax law). Version 3.0 of dab:Exporter offers the option to put the extracted data directly, and in a very performant way, into a Microsoft SQL database. This turns your data into a base for different tools and scenarios, for example Dashboarding or Process-Mining solutions.

Big Data

Big data can be extracted from SAP without running into timeouts. This allows you to easily access tables that are well known for containing a massive volume of transactions, like the General Ledger table BSEG or the SAP change tables CDHDR and CDPOS.

Parallel downloading

Extracting Big Data from SAP can be time consuming. But what if you or a colleague need to acquire other data at the same time as an ongoing Big Data download? With dab:Exporter, such extractions are not a bottleneck anymore, thanks to the innovative concepts of having “Slots” in place. The same user can download different tables from the same SAP system simultaneously — or from different systems. Also, different users can download data from different systems simultaneously, even multiple tables at the same time.

Client Server Architecture

Teamwork and shared working environments, scalability, user access controls, resource-efficient data access — these are reasonable challenges for a data extraction tool. By being a native client/server application, dab:Exporter solves it all. Exported data can be saved directly to a server location and therefore be shared with a whole team. This allows you to save disk space and money, especially if you have to deal with big data.


Often, analytics need to be performed repeatedly and regularly, for example for CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) environments. With dab:Exporter you can automate your data access, and cover scenarios such as “Monthly Duplicate Payment check for Accounting”. The scheduler feature is the autopilot for your downloads. By setting up the time frame (monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly) the scheduler adjusts the download filters automatically. It can be relied up to provide you with the data you need at precisely the moment you need it.

For bigger analytic tasks you will almost certainly need several different tables, including filters and dependencies. The Package feature allows you to bundle all those elements together and make it reusable for you — you can also provide the package to another colleague to help make their life easier.

Not only can the download be automated, but the analytics that need to be performed afterwards can also be automated. This ensures that the tests are performed as soon as possible once the data export is complete.

Data protection & Encryption

As soon as data gets extracted, it needs to be protected. This may be an explicit legal requirement, for example the German regulation BDSG § 32, but there are many other reasons. With dab:Exporter, content can be encrypted during download, so it will not end up as plain text on your hard disk.


Selective content

The dab:Exporter contains a standard set of fields that can be encrypted automatically, but you can select your own content to be encrypted as well – for example: user names; bill of materials data; or customer / vendor information.

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