dab:AuditObjects constitutes a flexible solution for the ad-hoc analysis of your SAP data (big data). This is the successful implementation of an app-like concept for data analyses. An extensive analysis portfolio is embedded directly into ACL Analytics, so it can be run flexibly at the touch of a button. In combination with predefined analyses, clever wizards and an intuitive GUI, a universal database ensures efficient operability and excellent usability.


Features of dab:AuditObjects

Local by user

The dab:AuditObjects solution is perfect for analysts who use ACL Analytics and need simple, fast and flexible analysis of SAP data in the field, for example on notebook PCs. Flexibility and on-the-spot usability are the main benefits. Auditors can take the data with them and run tests anywhere (e.g. abroad) and at any time simply and flexibly in the framework of internal & external audits.


The dab:AuditObjects solutions runs in ACL Analytics (desktop) or ACL Analytic Exchange (server). Its main strengths, however, show to best effect in the desktop environment. Very much like an app, dab:AuditObjects encapsulates good operability, speedy performance and tremendous flexibility within a simple graphical user interface. To-the-point documentation rounds off the concept.

Usability is a key feature

Data analysis is a multi-faceted field. The dab:AuditObjects solution enables access to sophisticated analyses through intuitive, straightforward user guidance. So complex evaluations become possible without specialist knowledge of analytical tools and without restricting flexibility in data analysis. The possibilities afforded by data analysis are no longer the preserve of specialists and there is no longer anything to hinder broad-based use across the company.

Processes & SAP modules

The analyses built into dab:AuditObjects are available for the data of the following business processes and SAP modules: Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM), Master Data in Material Management (SAP MM-MD), Purchasing (SAP MM-PUR), Accounts Payable (SAP FI-AP), Customer Orders in Sales (SAP SD), Invoicing in
Sales (SAP SD) and Accounts Receivable (SAP FI-AR).


Included in dab:AuditObjects are analyses for the following fields: Risk & fraud, data quality, compliance, internal controlling, cash protection & recovery, process analyses, master-data quality, and much more.


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