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IT, Auditors, and Management all feel the pain of working with SAP data

We all know SAP as a powerful, complex system that helps organisations run efficient, business-critical operations. Given this, it should be no surprise that the data, underlying these SAP processes, can yield tremendous insight into the business operations, underpinning an enterprise. Having said that, getting SAP ERP and SAP CRM data, for auditing, is easier said than done – audit teams must typically rely on IT, to extract the data, which prolongs the process considerably. IT already have a lot on their plate and may not be able to accommodate the extra workload, meanwhile, Senior Management is becoming frustrated with the lack of output from their auditing team and wonders whether there is a more efficient solution that can deliver quantitative results, this is where ACL Direct Link offers a solution.

Remove the barriers from auditing SAP ERP data

ACL Direct Link for SAP ERP, is a SAP-certified software add-on that provides ACL data analysis solutions with independent, read-only access to SAP ERP and SAP CRM data. This enables auditors to have immediate access to SAP data, with no ability to edit or change the source data, thus removing the reliance on IT while preserving the integrity of the data.

Leverage pre-packaged SAP expertise

Direct Link is also used by the ACL Audit and Financial Control Solution for SAP ERP, a cost-effective, turnkey solution designed to help audit, monitor and control key financial processes for customers using SAP applications. In addition to other value-add deliverables, the solution also helps simplify finding and understanding the required SAP data for analysis by providing pre-built common data models and scripts that leverage Direct Link. With the combined synergy of Direct Link, ACL data analysis solutions and the Audit and Financial Control Solution, clients can extract valuable insight from their SAP ERP data to help increase business assurance and ensure compliance.

ACL Direct Link in action
  • Increase auditing productivity by easily accessing SAP ERP and SAP CRM data directly with no need for IT intervention
  • Easily find the SAP ERP and SAP CRM data required for analysis with powerful filter and viewing capabilities
  • Save time with automation and scheduling capabilities for data extraction
  • Increase productivity and re-use by scripting routine data retrieval and data analysis procedures
  • Ensure users only have access to data for which they are authorised by leveraging SAP security

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