DataConsulting offers software solutions to assist data analysis.

We provide software and services using a variety of software tools. Our primary focus is ACL, dab and Excel software solutions; we are both ACL and dab channel partners. Whether you are simply looking for a robust data analytics tool or a more holistic and integrated solution, DataConsulting can provide you with the software to fit your organisational need.

Data Analytics

At DataConsulting we offer a range of software tools to help improve proficiency of data analysis.

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dab:AnalyticSuite – Pre-built analytics solutions for SAP data

ACL Analytics – Analyse risk and control, visualise results

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Our Continuous Controls Monitoring tools allow for centralised analytic projects that allow you to continuously monitor risks and controls within your organisation

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ACL Analytics Exchange – Continuously monitor and analyse risks and controls

Data Extraction

Our Data Extraction tools assist the extraction of data from SAP systems

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dab:Exporter – Extract SAP data for analytic processing

ACL Direct Link – Analyse SAP data with a certified connector

Data Driven GRC

Our GRC solutions provide a flexible and easy way to manage the process of assessing risk, planning and organizing projects

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ACL GRC – Manage projects across audit, risk and compliance

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