Segregation of duties matrix


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Have a look at this page which has a free Segregation of Duties matrix (Excel format), providing suggestions for analysis and the areas in which they are important. It is also broken down into different areas:

  • Bank and Cash
  • Debtors – Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll – Human Resources
  • Creditors – Purchases – Accounts Payable

Here’s an excerpt from the matrix:

“The basic idea underlying segregation of duties is that no one employee or group of employees should be in a position both to perpetrate and conceal errors or irregularities in the normal course of their duties. In general, the principal incompatible duties to be segregated are: authorization, custody of assets, and recording or reporting of transactions. In addition, a control over the processing of a transaction generally should not be performed by the same individual responsible for recording or reporting the transaction.”

(Source: AuditNet & White-Collar Crime 101 LLC)

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