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Hi, I’m Samantha. I class myself as a true Yorkshire girl and 3 years living on the outskirts of London, for university, has both failed to shake the accent and only solidified every reason I love about living up North!

My choice to study Mathematics and Music at Royal Holloway, University of London was the best decision I could have made for choosing a degree. Opting for a joint honours course meant I could pick everything I relished in the most from each subject, and, consequently, hone in on the skills and topics I enjoyed learning about the most. After taking several maths analysis modules, being introduced to programming with Python, and enhancing my analytical mindset through my approach to music, I came out the other side of my degree confident that data analytics was the career path for me. I’m delighted that my first job, after university, is with such an encouraging team and in an environment where DataConsulting will challenge me to thrive as I progress.

Outside of work I’m usually anywhere but inside. I love the outdoors and anything that involves a sense of adventure. If I’m not on a quadbike getting stuck in some mud or finding the biggest puddle, I’m probably trying to learn how the mechanics of it all work. The next stage would be to, one day, obtain my motorbike license, if my parents will ever allow me to own a motorbike first!

Aside from this, my biggest passion is finding a sizeable pond to go scuba diving; I’m a qualified PADI rescue, master and tech basics diver through the experience I have accumulated over the past 8 years. I love the community of likeminded people, the respect everyone has looking out for each other and being able to see things some people never will. After all, water covers about 70% of the Earth, so you’re never going to run out of things to see wherever you go.

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