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Justin D. Gundy (CPA, CIA, ACDA) is in Internal Audit Services at UT-Battelle, LLC, a not-for-profit company that manages and operates the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. UT-Battelle uses ACL Analytics to identify anomalies in their data and pull samples for testing, as well as ACL Direct link to obtain data from their SAP ERP system. Justin uses ACL Analytics in most of his audit projects. He recently completed the ACL Certified Data Analyst exam and earned the designation of ACDA, following his ACL 101 and 201 training courses. He was happy to participate in a short Q&A to tell us a bit about the experience.

What inspired you to take the ACDA exam?
My manager encouraged me to take the ACL training and I got access to the ACDA exam as part of the training package.

How was your ACL 101 (Foundations) and 201 (Applications) Training experience and what were the most valuable takeaways?
My training experience was great. The instructor (Jackie Bourne) did a good job of explaining everything in practical terms. I think the biggest takeaway was about the importance of preparing your data before you start analyzing it.

How long after your Training did you wait to take the ACDA and what kind of preparation did you do for the exam?
I took the exam about a month after the training. I reviewed some of the materials provided during ACL training and reviewed a few of the questions on the practice exam.

Any advice for others thinking of getting the designation?
I would encourage anyone taking the exam to take the training and have some experience in working in ACL in their job. I was already using ACL as part of my job prior to attending the training, and I think that really helped me in picking up the concepts more quickly and to apply what I learned when taking the exam.

Do you have any plans to expand the use of data analysis in your work, now that you have sharpened your skills?
We are giving some thought to using ACL software for continuous monitoring projects in the future. ACL Classroom Training is offered in various cities throughout North America and Europe. All of our training is led by ACL Certified Trainers who maintain the highest standards for teaching and all of our courses qualify for CPE credits. Share knowledge and best practices in a relaxed, hands-on classroom environment, under the guidance of our expert Trainers.

(Source: ACL Blog)

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