Power BI Workshop Agenda

Power BI Workshop objectives

• Overview of Power BI Desktop and its components
• Basic experience of data analytic processes
• Useful hints, tips and good practices in data analytics


Module  Objective  Content  Duration (mins) 
Introduction  The ‘quick-start’ guide to the workshop  What is Power BI? 

Why use it? 

The Power BI environment  

Data analytics cycle 

Wrangle  Acquisition & Transformation 

Acquire data from multiple varied sources and transform into format suitable for modelling and analysis 

Acquire data from common sources: Excel, csv 

Transform data using Power Query and introduction to Power Query ‘M’ code 

Model  Organisation and relating 

Organise data within tables and relate or link tables to support analysis 

Add calculated ‘helper’ columns 

Facts, dimensions and relationships and an introduction to stars and snowflakes 

Create calculated columns using DAX 

Analyse  Investigation and exploration 

Investigate and explore data to identify patterns and answer relevant questions 

Introduction to DAX 

Basic DAX queries 

The CALCULATE function 

How to structure a DAX query 

The VAR & RETURN statements 

Computed columns 

Computed tables 

See the numbers with Table & Matrix visualisations 

Quick Queries, Natural Language Queries 

Built-in AI analysis 

Common DAX patterns – time series, averages, cumulatives, ranking 

Visualise  Presentation and communication 

Assemble analysis results in ways that highlight insights and inform the end user 

Choosing the right chart 


Colour scheme 

Navigation, bookmarks, popup & drilldown 

Process  Data analytics framework 

Provide a framework or structure within which data analytics is performed efficiently and effectively 


PQ hard to review, DAX harder 

Theory  Knowledge and technique 

Knowledge, techniques and best practices that support all aspects of data analytics 

Analytic techniques 

Coding best practices 

Field, Table, File and other naming conventions 

Visualisation principles 

Relational modelling principles 

Wrap up      15 


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