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Outsourced Solutions – Let us take the strain out of CCM

Without budget, the skills or the time to invest, many companies can’t make the investment that’s needed to capitalise on modern auditing methods or develop sophisticated analytics. But with outsourcing opportunities provided by DataConsulting it’s no longer a barrier. Secure, straightforward and reusable analytics are no further than a phone call away.

Whether its continuous controls monitoring or adhoc analytics, DataConsulting provides secure data analysis with results delivered direct to your desktop. Duplicate payments, revenue assurance, business intelligence, controls based testing, reporting on regulatory compliance: in fact, whatever your requirements we have solutions to order.

Unparalleled Service

Our business is genuinely built on service excellence. That means we will always strive to go further, do more, and charge less than our competitors.

Quick and Easy

Developing your own analytics can be incredibly complex. From system connections to the tables and fields you’ll need; everything needs to be meticulously planned and understood. Our seasoned consultants will help you overcome the hurdles that are placed in your way: have the difficult conversations with IT; define your data requirements; and generally keep your project on track. With our help, the time it takes to get our analytics up and running could be reduced from months to weeks, or possible even days! It needn’t be difficult.


Some will worry that it costs more to outsource than it does to invest in your own systems but that simply isn’t the case. We firmly believe that outsourced analytics offer a more efficient and effective use of resources. Consider for example the cost of purchasing and hosting your own servers, the cost of purchasing the analytical tools, investing in skills and resources, and the ongoing cost of maintenance. Now imagine that you only have to invest in the developing and running the analytics? Outsourcing will save you money in the early and later stages of the investment cycle. Why not put us to the test and see how much further we make your budgets go.

We recognise that whilst some organisations want to own and develop their own analytics, some prefer to concentrate on the results rather than development. For those companies we offer an outsourced solution – DataConsulting O/S. So get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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