Coffee Corner: Introducing Toby Ratcliffe

Toby runs the half marathonIt’s a pleasure to welcome Toby Ratcliffe to the DataConsulting team. Toby joins the professional services group as one of our analysts after impressing everyone with his interview presentation. We asked him to give us a few words to introduce himself. Over to you Toby.

My name is Toby. I’ve lived most of my life in Marlow, Buckinghamshire but spent two years in San Francisco when I was in secondary school and have just come back from a post-study year away in New Zealand. After studying Economics at the University of Sussex I have chosen to pursue my interest in data analytics which has led me to DataConsulting. I’m thrilled to be part of the team and couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to carve out a successful career.

Outside of work I’m really into sports. I’m a competitive hockey player at heart but have branched out to try different things more recently. I’ve started surfing and absolutely love it but paradoxically my greatest fear in life is deep water and, more specifically, sharks. Learning in the area with the highest shark count in New Zealand definitely had its challenges.

My favourite book (and consequently film) is “The Big Short”. I read the book at least ten times before the film was announced and then twice more whilst it was being made. The book was the reason I studied economics and to this day I find the global financial meltdown fascinating. The film is just a bonus for me as I’ve always wanted to grow up to be Ryan Gosling.

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