Newly redesigned, one-stop guidance: ACL GRC Help is here!

Over the last few months, we have been getting ready to launch a brand-new experience for ACL GRC user assistance. We are excited to present a newly designed, improved and updated online help system — providing customers with a convenient, one-stop experience to product release notes, quick start guides, business process guides and reference materials!

The newly updated documentation aligns with our vision to be disruptive innovators, as we seek to provide beautifully designed and comprehensive user assistance content to our customers. It also showcases our ongoing commitment to customer intensity, enabling customers to quickly access information and gain the most value from our software.

So, what’s new and improved in ACL GRC Help? Let’s take a tour…

Guides and reference manuals

The most notable update to ACL GRC Help is the new organization of user assistance content into guides and reference manuals.


This enables users to access content that meets their immediate needs. The reference manual provides a detailed and comprehensive view at all of the concepts and tasks in our product suite. The guides offer a higher level view into business processes (such as Managing an Audit, Managing a SOX Program, and Performing Continuous Monitoring), and provide GRC professionals with information on how to use ACL GRC software to maximize their team productivity.

The guides also provide context-sensitive help, and point to key concepts and tasks discussed in the reference manuals. This method allows GRC professionals to access a two-tiered level of online help: the detailed reference level, and the higher level business processes that explain how ACL GRC works to streamline and standardize organizational activities.

New content and faster searchability

A variety of new topics have been added to the documentation. There have also been improvements made to searching information on the ACL GRC online help system.

Key updates include:figuring out

  • An embedded index to enable quick access to key terms, concepts, and processes
  • Updated information on user roles and permissions in Launchpad, Project Manager, Risk Manager, and Results Manager
  • Quick start guides that provide an introduction to completing key tasks in ACL GRC applications
  • Documentation on using interpretations and visualizations in Results Manager
  • Documentation on calculating risk heat and risk score in Risk Manager
  • Information on project types in Project Manager, and customizing the terminology that best suits your organizational needs
  • Documentation on entity coverage, and setting up your organization’s complex structure using nested entities in Project Manager
  • Information on the ACL mobile app (available for iPhone or Android) and working offline

We are also working on developing a comprehensive glossary, which will enable users to have access to all the ACL GRC terminology and definitions. Stay tuned for future updates!

Release notes

We recently added a release notes section that provides up-to-date information on the latest feature releases for the four applications in ACL GRC: Project Manager, Risk Manager, Results Manager, and Reports Manager.

Originally, this information was on our website. Now, information on feature releases can be accessed right from our user assistance documentation!

>> To access ACL GRC Help, go to:


Updating ACL GRC Help: A technical writer’s perspective
As the technical writer responsible for updating the GRC documentation, I have found the experience of compiling this set of user assistance materials both challenging and rewarding.The process of updating and maintaining documentation is a complex whirlwind of interrelated activities. Updating documentation involves acquiring both domain and software knowledge, asking questions and interviewing subject matter experts, collaborating with software developers, designers, managers, end-users and other content writers, and continually writing and revising materials on an as-needed basis. It is an exciting adventure of communicating meaningful content, and a journey that requires perpetual learning.

I’m grateful to the dedicated team at ACL who have supported this new experience for ACL GRC user documentation, and I am excited to offer this new user assistance experience to our customers!

– Michelle Vinci, Technical Writer, ACL

(Source: ACL Blog)

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