New ACL GRC app for Android now available


This IS the droid you’re looking for.


ACL™ GRC for Android is here! You can now access your ACL GRC projects and data in real-time with the swipe of your finger from your Android phone.

If you manage a team, chances are you’re not always in front for your computer. You’re running from meeting to meeting and juggling a million priorities, all of which need to be done within the workday to unblock your staff.

ACL GRC for Android allows you to utilize the latest handheld technology to stay connected to your auditors, SOX analysts and other GRC professionals in real-time, thus avoiding pauses in their work progress while they await your review or feedback.

With an Android device, managers can:

  • Instantly recall key project details during meetings and discussions
  • Gain instant insight into the status of all your team’s projects and findings
  • Review your team’s work and sign-off on projects
  • Respond to team questions within the app

And team members can use an Android device to:

  • Attach evidence from the field
  • Quickly reference files and project plans
  • Track the status of their projects
  • Review notes, to-do’s, and outstanding requests while they are in the field

With the benefits of cloud-based audit and compliance management currently available on the iPad® and iPhone® now extended to Android devices, audit and GRC professionals can now be one big happy, mobile family.


>> Download ACL GRC for Android from Google Play:
(Source: ACL Blog)

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