National Audit Department of Malaysia recognized for achievements using data analysis to analyze financial data, certify financial statements, and verify US$150 billion worth of transactions


Congratulations to the National Audit Department of Malaysia, represented by Y Hamdan Mohd Dom, Deputy Director of IT Audit, winner of the ACL Impact Award Grand Prize this year! The Grand Prize, presented along with four other Impact Awards at ACL Connections, recognizes the overall most outstanding entry, demonstrating long-term vision in the application of ACL software.

Having worked with ACL since the days of DOS through to Analytics 10.5 (and counting) today alongside ACL Analytics Exchange, the IT Audit team at the National Audit Department of Malaysia has dramatically grown not only the scale of their use of ACL data analysis, but also expanded its reach across numerous government audit processes. In financial statement audit, it involves in certifying financial statements for the Federal Government and several State Government accounts.

Widespread ACL skills training is a key pillar, and their approach to public sector audits is in demand internationally, having shared their ACL best practices with government agencies across 19+ countries. Their use of ACL in analyzing and auditing transactions has been so powerfully effective that it’s now an organizational policy to apply ACL data analysis in Audit Programs.

Success highlights:

  • The National Audit Department of Malaysia has 2,174 audit officers and has been using ACL software for 23+ years.
  • Widespread ACL knowledge sharing to equip various Departments, Ministries and Agencies with data analysis skills, including Financial Audit, Performance Audit, Compliance Audit, and IT Audit.
  • Analysis of financial data on a monthly basis from 23 branches, certifying financial statements for the Federal Government and 11 State Government accounts.
  • Completely verified transactions worth of RM 475 billion (2012) (approximately US$150 billion), through Risk elements and implementation of continuous auditing.
  • Recognized with Public Service Innovation Award, presented by the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia.

Congratulations to the National Audit Department of Malaysia on their innovative work in applying data analysis and sharing ACL best practices in order to equip other departments, ministries, and agencies with the power of data analytics!

(Source: ACL Blog)

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