Jerry travelled over to Wakefield from Accra, Ghana, leaving behind 30+ degree heat in order to be able to complete our combined ACL Foundations, Intermediate and Advanced level training programmes, followed by the ACL ACDA preparation workshop, over the period of two weeks, in the middle of January! Quite a commitment don’t you think? Well Jerry said he wanted to learn from the best in the business and so he, like many others, chose DataConsulting!

This certainly fits with our claim that people are prepared to travel far and wide to complete our training!

In fact, Jerry was so impressed by DataConsulting, he offered to complete a quick Q&A for us on his experience. Here’s what he had to say:-

  How did you find out about DataConsulting’s training services?

Jerry:- I conducted a search for advanced training in ACL. We had choices between 3 countries, USA, South Africa and UK. I decided on DataConsulting in the UK.

  What do you consider to be the main reasons behind you and your colleague choosing DataConsulting’s training services over alternative providers?

Jerry:- We decided on DataConsulting because it opted to put together a training package based on our needs. DataConsulting was more flexible.

  How was the ease of registration and did you have much contact with DataConsulting prior to attending?

Jerry:- It was very easy to do registration and pay. The contact person, David was always on hand to assist.

  Your first impressions of DataConsulting?

Jerry:- DataConsulting was very professional in their services.

  What are your thoughts on the training, DataConsulting along with your overall time in the U.K?

Jerry:- The training delivery met our expectations and the Trainer is very much experienced. His experience added a lot of variety/alternatives to the training experience.

  Would you recommend DataConsultings services?

Jerry:- Of course, I will recommend DataConsulting to others based on my superb experience at DataConsulting!

Would you like to follow Jerry’s footsteps?…

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