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DataConsulting are offering these London-based ACL courses in May for new and experienced users. Our certified trainers will give you the guidance you need to take your skills to the next level.

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ACL 101: Foundations of ACL Concepts & Practices, May 16th – 18th

This three-day course is a comprehensive introduction to ACL Analytics, designed for new and beginner users who want to learn the concepts and features needed to start using ACL Analytics. In an interactive hands-on environment, you will learn fundamentals such as basic data concepts and how to work within the ACL Analytics environment, as well as integral skills such as how to conduct analysis steps, procedures and accomplish analysis objectives in ACL Analytics.

You will learn the proper methodology and best practices for all five phases of the data analysis cycle (planning, importing, preparing, analysing, and reporting). On the third day, basic scripting will be introduced. Through this comprehensive introduction and practical application, you will learn how to effectively use ACL Analytics to accomplish your audit and/or business objectives.

The case studies include business-relevant data such as Purchasing to Payables, Travel & Entertainment, and Procurement Card expenses.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply ACL Analytics in a structured data analysis process.
  • Critically determine and assess objectives and planning analysis.
  • Separate objectives into intuitive milestones.
  • Import various source data types.
  • Prepare data for analysis (data integrity tests such as controls, bounds, completeness, uniqueness, relationships and reliability; critically assessing whether integrity issues will impair analysis objectives).
  • Identify and apply the ACL Analytics functionality needed to achieve desired objectives.
  • Test issues to identify trends that may be indicative of cause(s) of them.
  • Create working paper documentation showing your objectives, the analysis steps taken to achieve them, and the results returned.
ACL 303: Advanced ACL Concepts & Techniques, May 23rd – 25th

In this three-day course, you will learn how to use ACL Analytics functions and scripts to gain new insight into your data and do more in less time. Functions let you investigate your data in ways you haven’t thought of, adding both depth and breadth to your analysis. Scripts let you automate routine ACL Analytics tasks, freeing up time to concentrate on activities that require critical thinking and judgement.

Scripts also help maintain best practices, which prevent errors and result in better controls in your organisation. ACL Certified trainers will show you how to implement scripts in your daily routine, and they will guide you through activities that illustrate how to work with scripts and functions efficiently and easily.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create simple and interactive scripts to implement automated routines, continuous monitoring and gain further insight into your data.
  • Use ACL functions to perform parsing and harmonisation of complex fields.
  • Use ACL functions to search for matching data.


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