Knowledge base – DataConsulting’s CAATs suite


DataConsulting have developed an extensive suite of CAATs covering all the key business processes

We don’t always know what lies ahead of us in business – and when a crisis comes our way, we have to respond quickly and efficiently to minimise any loss and maximise any opportunity.

  • Identification of ghost employees – ie not genuine
  • Employees who are registered as suppliers
  • Employees with multiple payslips in a month
  • Recalculate payslip totals
  • Agree payslips to general ledger
  • Employees paid after their leave date
  • Duplicate employees
  • Excessive claims
  • Unauthorised merchants
  • Application of Benford’s law
  • Spend above approved limits
General ledger and journals
  • Unusually large postings just prior or after year end
  • Journals posted during the night or at the weekend
  • Profile of journals by type, user, time of day, day of week etc
  • Application of Benford’s law
  • Accounts used once or infrequently
  • Searching for fictitious suppliers
  • Searching for unusual payments – eg round sum amounts
Sales and accounts receivable
  • Creation of aged debtors report
  • After date cash testing
  • Exceeding credit limit
  • Unusual AR transactions
Purchasing and accounts payable
  • Identification of duplicate payments to suppliers
  • Identification of suppliers sharing the same bank account details
  • Unusual AP transactions
  • Testing calculation of NRV
  • Negative stock quantites
Fixed assets
  • Testing calculation of depreciation to ensure in line with policy
  • Cast value of register to confirm completeness and accuracy
Data quality
  • Identification of blank data fields
  • Identification of non uniform entries – ie non compliance with required format
Bespoke CAATs

DataConsulting can work closely with you to develop CAATs that are very specific and not covered by our standard suite. Depending on the level of complexity involved we can develop these bespoke CAATs rapidly.

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