Introducing Analytics 10


ACL™ Analytics 10—Big Data Analysis Made Easy

ACL™ Analytics 10 (formerly ACL™ Desktop) is the fastest and most powerful version to-date. Analytics 10 pushes the boundaries and is focused on easier analysis, improved data extraction, expanded scripting capabilities plus performance improvements demanded by our user community. If you have ever struggled with working with Date-Time data types, dealing with multiple tables, integration with Analytics Exchange and Exception and more, then you don’t want to miss this update.

Better Performance

Increase in performance processing of:

  • 30% in key functions like sorting, indexing, applying filters, duplicate tests, summarize command, sampling and statistics on numeric files.
  • 65% during the import of Microsoft Excel and delimited files.
Analyse Date-Time Based Data

Date and time analysis is now native:

  • Native date, time, and datetime data types. No more converting dates and times — just import and go.
  • Date and time analytics. Use over 15 new analytical commands and functions specifically for date and time information.
More User-Friendly

Over 50 new enhancements requested by ACL’s global customer base:

  • Visual Comparison. Open multiple tables simultaneously, making it easier to quickly compare and investigate data sets.
  • Open and pin multiple tables so you can see data from all angles.
  • Open multiple tables and toggle between them in one click. Table characteristics are retained: cursor location, Quicksort, filters,indexes, secondary tables, and relations.
Tighter Integration

ACL GRC and ACL Analytics are now integrated for better results management. Share results. Seamlessly and quickly send data and publish tables to ACL GRC for others to view your results.

Over 20 enhancements means ACL Analytics 10 is bigger, better and faster. Top requested enchancements from our global customer base have been incorporated for overall better performance. A few enchancements include:

  • Extraction of table view.
  • Retention of Filter History by table.
  • Enchanced Preference File management.
  • Retention of XML schema for XML exports.
  • View the status of your data import activity; easily cancel the import process if/when needed in real-time.
More Flexibility

ACL welcomes the new EXECUTE command to integrate external Microsoft® Windows-based tools, libraries, and utilities into any project – the ultimate opportunity for creative analyses. From within an ACL script or ACL command line launch any Windows program or command that can be launched from the Windows command prompt. This allows the flexibility to perform any operation available within the Windows environment. It could include uses such as to:

  • Create, delete and move Windows files and folders with total freedom.
  • Encrypt and decrypt files.
  • Compress and uncompress files.
  • Run scripts written in any programming language (i.e., batch files, Visual Basic, C#, Java, Ruby, etc.).
  • Send email, SMS or chat notification messages.
  • Backup and archive files and projects.
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