How do you ensure the knowledge of your Data Analytics resource stays current?

Ensuring the knowledge of your Data Analytics resource stays current and maintaining the same is never easy, in our experience, certainly when considering this alongside the reality of amount of time, effort and cost involved, it all adds up. If your plans are to include Data Analytics as part of only a select few of your audits, over the course of a year, wouldn’t it make more sense to tap into such skills and expertise whenever you have a requirement?

In theory .The data analytics landscape is forever changing, new tools and trends are always hitting the market and it’s difficult to navigate the field and stay current, even more so without relevant support from the business in the form of continuous investment in training and licence subscriptions.
In reality .The cost of hiring a specialist data analytics resource, alongside that of training and licence subscriptions all make for an overall significant outlay. Even more so if requirements change.
The possibility .Between projects, our consultants use this time effectively to refine their skills and stay as a up to date as possible on the latest tools and trends in the data world. For us it’s a continuous journey and learning experience to help you on yours.

How can we help?

How is your data supporting you and your business, why not contact us to discuss how we can deliver the skills you need, when you need them and in a much more cost efficient way. Let our highly skilled and qualified consultants help you achieve your data objectives!

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