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You have probably noticed that the team have been spending a lot of time using data visualisation tools. This is partly due to our love of data and new technology and also driven by demand from many of our customers who are looking for new ways to interrogate their own data. Things got competitive in the DataConsulting office this month when we ran a competition to see who could create the best Olympic themed visualisation in Tableau. Alex Psarras, one of our Senior Data Analysts and self styled Tableau wiz was hot favourite but two of our newest members, Harshna Karsan and Kathryn Ambrose, decided to take him on. Here are the results, but who do you think took Gold, Silver and Bronze?

Alex decided to analyse Usain Bolt’s 100m winning time against all the 100m medallists in the modern Olympics and then compared Usain Bolt’s fastest time to a few members of the animal kingdom – “I can’t believe that Wile E. Coyote is faster than Road Runner”, exclaimed Alex.

Next up is Kathryn, whose comprehensive analysis shows Team GB’s performance over the years in terms of overall medal performance and graphs these alongside nine other nations.

Kathryn commented, “After creating this visulaisation on Team GB, I’ve realised how consistently successful Great Britain are at the Olympics. Apart from some poorer years, such as, 1996 and 1952, Great Britain have finished high in the Medals Table, helped by winning 55 gold medals in Athletics and 32 in Cycling. If sports like Judo start converting their bronze medals into gold ones, Team GB may even catch up with the United States one day.”

What do you think, have a play around with Kathryn’s viz and draw your own conclusions.

Last but not least is Harshna’s Yorkshire themed visualisation which showcases Yorkshire talent and how well the county did if it was to compete independently.

“My Yorkshire Olympic viz truly highlights how brilliant the county performed in Rio.” says Harshna. “The county finished 17th in the final medal table between Jamaica and Croatia, knocking Canada off the top 20 list! Great Britain excluding Yorkshire fell to third place in the final table.

For team sports such as rowing and diving, each member accounted for one medal. As a result, Leeds won the most Olympic medals with a total of 8 – featuring the famous Brownlee brothers and boxer Nikky Adams. Hopefully DataConsulting’s hometown of Wakefield will make it on the medal map for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

The viz would not have been complete without the classics such as Yorkshire pudding and Yorkshire tea…”

So what are your views? Who do you think should take home the Gold, Silver or Bronze in our Olympic challenge? Leave a comment or share your answers with us on Twitter at @DataConsulting.

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