Excessive Group Meal Expenses

  • Monday, September 7, 2099
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Identify excessive group meals where the average amount per attendee is greater than a specified threshold.

  1. Obtain a dump of all the T&E from within the audit period you want to review.
  2. Import the expense data into ACL Analytics using the import wizard.
  3. Ensure completeness by verifying the data against control totals (e.g. count, and total on expense amount to tie to audit period actuals).
  4. Filter to include only group meals for our analysis.
  5. Calculate the average amount per attendee by defining a computed field:
    • If the number of attendees is 0, then use Expense Amount (FC)
    • Otherwise, use Expense Amount (FC) / Number of Attendees
  6. Filter and report any expenses where the average amount per attendee is greater than a specified threshold.
  • If # of attendees is not being recorded for business meals as a company policy, this analytic cannot be conducted.
  • Ensure analysis only includes group meals.
  • Create a computed field to calculate the average amount per attendee (Expense amount / # of attendees).
  • We’ll assume that we can acquire the Expense Category (we’re going to only be interested in Group Meals), Expense Amount in Functional Currency (if not, we’ll need to do a conversion to your organization’s functional currency), and finally the Number of Attendees (if you have a list of attendees instead, you’ll need to prepare the data by first summarising on the expense line to get the number of attendees).
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