Duplicate Payments Analysis – Only £500 per executed run – no contingent fees!


“…total amount refunded to date is just over £100k, and hopefully will continue to increase.”

Quote from DataConsulting Duplicate Payment Client


DataConsulting will process your invoice and payments data through our finely tuned Seeker detection algorithm. The most likely duplicates will be forwarded to you for investigation and ultimately recovery in the case of proven duplicates. The price for running this process is £500+VAT per run. We can run your data through our algorithm as often as you like with as much data you like for the same flat charge of £500 per run.

  • Duplicate payments occur in all organisations
  • Organisations cannot afford to leak cash in this way
  • Why not join our list of clients in getting back their cash
Act now by contacting DataConsulting for a thorough review of your payments using our Seeker software.
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