Don’t Get Stung by the UK Bribery Act – Leveraging audit analytics for compliance testing


Leveraging audit analytics for compliance testing

While the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has been around for decades, the newly signed UK Bribery Act enforces even more far-reaching and stricter penalties. If you’re involved in Audit, Finance, Legal, Risk Management or Compliance in an organisation doing any business in the UK, be it directly or via subsidiaries, agents or branches, you’re probably already under pressure to address Bribery Act compliance.

Free UK Bribery Act eBook by ACL

Inside this eBook, you’ll find tips, practical advice and real-life examples of how organisations are applying audit analytics to automate compliance testing and advance beyond inefficient manual reviews. Also provided among many other valuable resources, is an assessment questionnaire to give you a quick snapshot of your organisation’s compliance landscape and help you determine your next steps.

Get the eBook now plus two On-Demand Webinars for free.

On-Demand Webinar: FCPA, Practical Steps to Stay in Control

This in-depth webinar provides sound advice on establishing a framework for protecting against FCPA violations. Develop an early warning system that identifies red flags well in advance by leveraging a system of internal financial controls.

On Demand Webinar: Using Data Analysis for FCPA Compliance

Learn how you can support FCPA compliance efforts with quick transactional data analysis and monitoring techniques that enable visibility into potential violations. Understand how to work with management to strengthen internal compliance and develop an ‘early warning system’ to identify control failures.

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