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Welcome to June’s edition of DataConsulting’s Coffee Corner. The answer we were looking for in last month’s edition was “DUPLICATES”. Well done to everybody that got the right answer by tracking Robin’s movements around LA!

In this month’s edition we have an ACL quiz. How well do you know your ACL?

Question 1
In which Canadian city is ACL HQ based?

Question 2
If you were to play ‘ACL’ in scrabble how many points would you score?

Question 3
Which two ACL commands also exist as functions?

Question 4
Which ACL function returns the name of the day of the week for a specified date?

Question 5
Which of these items does not appear in the status bar?

Question 6
Up to how many project shortcuts can you have in the welcome screen?

Question 7
Which of these project items cannot be copied between projects?

Question 8
Is the Between() function inclusive or exclusive for the supplied parameter values?

Question 9
Name the function being described: ‘Removes leading and trailing blanks from character strings. Does not affect blanks inside the string’

Question 10
ACL Acerno is an add-on for which application?

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