DataConsulting October 2012 Newsletter


DataConsulting October 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to the October edition of the DataConsulting newsletter! Leafs are coming off the trees and we’re finding conkers on the ground in the parks so it’s definitely autumn. I even saw a Christmas tree in a central London bar! Before taking a look at what we’ve put into the newsletter I’d like to mention Park Runs which I’ve recently started doing – they are 5k runs taking place around the country at 9am on Saturday mornings. Free to enter and for all abilities they are great. Do check it out – might help you to knock off a few unwanted pounds during the winter months.

We’ve squeezed plenty into this month’s edition including a look at DataConsulting’s ACL Audit Analytics catalogue and a rather challenging Halloween quiz in Coffee Corner to take on when you’ve got a free five minutes. If you have chance, check out your chance to win some great prizes as well the prestige of winning and ACL Impact Award – would be great to see some UK based ACL users picking up an award.

We’ve also picked out three ACL functions for you to get more familiar with during those tricky moments when you need a function to make life a bit easier. Additionally, we’ve tried to highlight some of the key media output coming out from ACL in the last few weeks. Finally there are still places available on the Open Enrolment course happening in London on 10th December for three days. I will be delivering the course so would be great to see some of you there. That’s it for now!

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ACL Audit Analytics Catalogue

You have the technology, now it’s time to apply it!

In summary, this catalogue gives a comprehensive listing of data analytics that can be implemented through ACL and DataConsulting’s analytics expertise.

ACL, is an enabler to allowing insightful analytics to expose matters of interest and summarised information for those working in audit, risk, compliance, fraud or finance functions. This is great but it can sometimes be difficult to work out where to start. To help with this common dilemma, DataConsulting have created the ’ACL Audit Analytics Catalogue’ which can help to give ideas of which analytics to implement.

ACL Impact Awards

It’s your time to shine and enjoy the visibility and recognition of your peers. The 15th annual ACL Impact Awards is the premier award for professionals in audit and finance who are making an impact through ACL technology. The Impact Awards celebrates outstanding achievement and vision of those who are improving the levels of assurance and value they provide to their departments and organisations.

Compliance Week Webinar Clip: FCPA Dashboards and Scorecards

ACL’s Chris Stewart-Smith shows how you can visualise your FCPA risk, pulling in all of the data that matters and sharing results across the organization. Chris is using ACL AuditExchange for this demo.

An interview with Laurie Schultz, CEO of ACL

A global strategy to corner the risk market

Laurie Schultz has done her time in Canada’s software industry. The newly appointed CEO of 25-year-old risk management and auditing software company ACL has helped companies like Sage and Intuit build their market share. Now with privately held ACL, Ms. Schultz intends to spread the Vancouver-based company’s international presence and find its own niche in the risk-management category. She recently spoke with the Financial Post’s Dan Ovsey about her vision and strategy for the company, why it won’t hurt to make it a little un-Canadian and the invisible threats and opportunities ACL has uncovered for its clients. Following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Data Analytics in the Risk Assessment Process

Peter Millar, Director of Technology Applications for ACL Services, discusses how you can use data analytics in the risk assessment process.

ACL Success Story: Vestas Wind Systems

“ACL technology enables us to achieve greater transparency across all our financial transactions.”

Tino Hansen, Head of Process Compliance & Senior Specialist, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

how Vestas Wind Systems are using ACL to:

  • enhance transparency over enterprise transactions
  • identify risk-based exceptions for immediate follow-up
  • minimise reliance on IT resources with direct SAP data access
ACL Tips & Scripts: 3 Useful Functions

In this month’s ACL Tips & Scripts we will be exploring 3 useful yet underutilised ACL functions – CDOW(), RECOFFSET() and MAP().

Halloween Coffee Corner

Given it’s the month of Halloween we thought we’d test you out with a 10 question quiz on Halloween. Targeted toward kids but actually pretty tough! Feel free to let us know how you get on. Good luck!

Upcoming Events and ACL Open Enrolment Courses

ACL 182: Concepts and Practices – London, December 10-12, 2012 – Get a quote


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