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Welcome to the October DataConsulting Newsletter!

Halloween is nearly upon us (I’m sure when I was a kid we didn’t make a big fuss about it like we do now!) and no doubt you’ll be getting knocks on your door with requests for Trick or Treats.

Talking of treats have you tried the new 9.2 version of ACL Desktop? It’s got some new features which will help you to analyse data more efficiently as well as a nice fresh user interface which gives it a Windows 7 look and feel. In our newsletter we’ve taken a look at the new features of ACL DT 9.2. Also in the newsletter we have our next instalment of the serialisation of duplicate payments and a look at the alternative applications of ACL. Although ACL is sometimes seen as a tool purely for auditors, this is certainly not the case and we take a look at four other areas where ACL can also be deployed effectively.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Boot Camps being put on by ACL and in particular Shane Grimm. The first one was a great success with upwards of 2,000 attending the webinar! This first Boot Camp is available to be replayed and a date has been put forward for the second Boot Camp – details in the newsletter.

For those of you looking to brush up your ACL skills don’t forget that ACL is running Open Enrolment courses during November – courses with availability are the 252 Fraud Workshop and the 303 Advanced Course for those of you wanting to take your ACL skills to the next level.

Finally for your next coffee break we’ve included a word search containing 27 hidden terms associated with ACL and general Data Analytics. Good luck with that and I look forward to writing to you all again in November.

Best Regards,

Robin Clough

ACL Desktop 9.2 released

The latest version of ACL Desktop has now been released and is available to all current users receiving premium or standard support. With more than 100 improvements to the user interface, ACL Desktop 9.2 is more intuitive than ever. The updated version has a number of significant improvements to the tool along with corrections for over 50 pre-existing issues from the previous version along with other significant enhancements.

Of course, ACL users with a current support agreement are entitled to this upgrade free of charge.

Duplicate Payments Series

Part 3 – Vendor Master Data – the Duplicate Payment Mine Field

In the last two instalments we’ve written up the case for performing duplicate payments analyses. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight over a common risk factor leading to duplicated payments – duplicate vendor records.

I.T. Audit – Four alternative uses of ACL

1. Application Security

IT security restricts access to the computer environment but it is the enforcement of application security which prevents users from exceeding their limits of authorisation.

2. Helpdesk Monitoring

The help desk is an important customer facing element of your business, and getting it right is crucial to improving customer satisfaction and growing the business. Equally, the business needs to know that it is getting value from its investment.

3. System Security

System security is the first line of defence against fraud and error but it doesn’t prevent the most determined from undertaking malicious activities. Policing is sometimes the only way to detect breaches of policy or the use of inappropriate settings.

4. Segregation of Duties

Enforcing and monitoring segregation of duties (SOD) is an effective means of minimising the risk of fraud. ACL has the ability to extract security rules to independently verify whether there are any weaknesses in your SOD structure. What’s more, where potential SOD issues are identified, ACL can be used to determine whether these rights were exploited.

IAAIA Conference – ACL Presentation

Experiences & Benefits of ACL

This month Robin Clough spoke at the 20th Annual IAAIA (International Association of Airline Internal Auditors) conference in London. The conference was attended by Internal Auditors drawn from many of the globe’s airline companies.

ACL Webinars

Going For Gold With Continuous Auditing

In the next webinar in the ACL Audit Hour series, Marius Kies of AngloGold Ashanti discusses his experiences using ACL in a Continuous Auditing environment. Register now for ACL’s next webinar on Wednesday November 2nd.

Next ACL Bootcamp: High Impact Analysis

A new Bootcamp every month! This month, learn the proper techniques for adding weight to the data you are analyzing. Visually build connections between different tables of data and combine a series of related files into one for maximum impact. Register now for ACL’s next bootcamp on Thursday October 27.

for the High Impact Analysis

Missed last month’s Boot Camp?

Check out last month’s bootcamp:

Upcoming Events and ACL Open Enrolment Courses

ACL 252 Using ACL to Detect Fraud: An ACL Workshop: London, 17-18 November 2011

ACL 303 Advanced ACL Concepts & Techniques: Functions & Scripts: London, 21-23 November 2011

DataConsulting’s Coffee Corner

ACL Word Search

Enjoy your coffee break with a word search of ACL terms, commands, and functions. (Click on image to download it)

ACL Wordsearch

There are 27 words to find and the answers will be revealed on our Twitter Facebook LinkedIn pages next week.

  • absolute
  • age
  • ascii
  • classify
  • field
  • fil
  • frequency
  • function
  • isblank
  • log
  • lower
  • ltrim
  • map
  • project
  • rand
  • relate
  • replace
  • script
  • statistics
  • string
  • substring
  • summarize
  • table
  • trim
  • unicode
  • variable
  • workspace


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