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Welcome to DataConsulting’s June newsletter! For those of you who don’t know, DataConsulting is a UK channel partner of ACL providing ACL software, certified ACL training and high quality consultancy founded on deep levels of ACL expertise. This month’s newsletter contents as always are varied but intended to give you some key product updates e.g. AX Dashboard but also to create some light relief in the form of the ACL quiz!

If you are keen see some additional features or changes in ACL Desktop or ACL AuditExchange then please can you feedback to me today ( as later on today I am due to speak to some of the ACL product management team to pass on some of the feedback we receive on the ACL products. Get writing please, it’s a great opportunity to offload some of your desired product enhancement wishes into the horse’s mouth!

Enjoy the newsletter!


AX Dashboard for ACL AuditExchange

Visualise. Share. Act.

AX Dashboard for ACL AuditExchange™ (AX) provides dashboarding capabilities that enable auditors to summarise and visualise results in a meaningful way and easily share those results across the organization. It is the newest component of AX, a centralised server-based solution that enables audit and compliance professionals to take their analytic insights to a new level.

ACL Bootcamp Webinar Series

Recap of Bootcamps

This series of Webinars hosted by ACL has been an invaluable resource for building up you ACL muscle. We’ll be taking a break over the summer, but in the meantime, you can find the previous Bootcamp exercises here.

ACL Blog

Crime Capers and Fraud – Fighting Tips

In last month’s blog, ACL ran a competition to get the best fraud fighting tips from members of the ACL LinkedIn group. Internal auditors and data analysts from Health, Finance and Airline sectors, as well as a few other ACL tips that we could all use!

ACL Success Stories

The Westfield Group

Continuous AP monitoring technology identifies duplicate vendor invoices

“ACL has enhanced our team’s reputation as a companywide resource. We are now collaborating with other departments to develop new continuous monitoring routines across the enterprise.”

Byron Enamorado, CPA, CIA, ACDA, Audit Supervisor, The Westfield Group

Ivy Tech Community College

A full-spectrum analytic platform for higher education

“The internal audit team has gained greater visibility into business processes. This has achieved results for, and improved collaboration with, key stakeholders.”

Hunter Rackley, ACDA, IT Auditor, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

ACL Insight Newsletter

May 2012 – August 2012

Join us for another advanced Exercise, this time using ACL AuditExchange. We’ll be looking at server-based analytics that can be run interactively and scheduled automatically.

Upcoming ACL London User Group meeting

The next ACL London User Group meeting will be held in London on Wednesday 27th June from 18:00 to 20:00. A great agenda yet again!

Coffee Corner quiz & May results

ACL Quiz

This month’s Coffee Corner is aimed at the well-rounded ACL user. Have a go at our quiz and get instant results!

Upcoming Events and ACL Open Enrolment Courses

ACL London User Group – Wednesday 27th June – Details


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