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DataConsulting is an ACL Channel Partner in the UK. As well as being your first point of contact for ACL software we also provide ACL training and consultancy services. If you would like pricing on an ACL product, please go to our website to request a quote. We would like to keep you up-to-date with the news on ACL and other activities, so enjoy the news, and submit your best ACL tips! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

ACL Business Assurance Series Workshops

SAP Workshop Solving the Data Access Challenge

Do you find it a frequent pain getting direct, timely access to your organisation’s SAP data? At the recent ACL Business Assurance Series workshops in London, DataConsulting’s Robin Clough discussed how you can simplify and even automate data extraction, whilst maintaining total integrity and security of the data and systems being interrogated.


Finding the truth in the transactions- Fraud Workshop

Robin Clough ACDA, ACL Certified Trainer (DataConsulting Ltd.) also convened a Business Assurance Series workshop looking specifically at how ACL can help you better identify potential risk and gain a greater insight into targeted audit areas. By using examples of key analytical tests Robin showed how you can learn from ACL about the top areas of testing to gain quick wins.


Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring

Great Demos

Our consultants at DataConsulting are receiving an increasing number of queries about Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring.

Continuous Auditing (CA) and Continuous Monitoring (CM) comprise the two most advanced stages in the Audit Analytic Capability Model (AACM). They comprise the two most advanced stages in the Audit Analytic Capability Model (AACM). You can find more detail on each of the stages at the AACM portal on the ACL Website.

for some excellent demos that describe solutions for each stage of the AACM.

Peter Millar on CA and CM

ACL Director of Technology Application, Peter Millar has written extensively on the topic and we have included an excerpt from one of his articles .

Courses and Other Info

Upcoming ACL Courses

DataConsulting run on-site ACL training courses by accredited trainers. Please for more information on our training. There are also available for single attendees.

Unstructured Data

The volume of “unstructured information” (audio, video, graphics, social media messages) that cannot be handled by more “traditional” databases is significantly increasing. Any organisations that can get a handle on it will gain a significant competitive advantage.


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