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Welcome to DataConsulting’s July newsletter. For those of you unfamiliar with DataConsulting we are a UK based consultancy focused on the provision of ACL related software and services. We also act as a specialist analytics partner for a large number of corporate organisations within and outside of the UK. For those of you that have not seen our newsletter before the goal is to update you on all the latest developments regarding ACL and its products.

In the UK we are currently experiencing our best summer in a long time and the sun continues to shine as I write this introduction to the newsletter. At DataConsulting we are now nicely settled in our new office which has the added benefit of a training facility. We have already run a number of courses. The facility allows us to put on more courses on a regular basis. We will continue to run courses in London on a quarterly basis but our Wakefield office will offer many other courses in between.

July represents the financial year end for ACL. If you are thinking of purchasing any ACL technology now is probably a good time to do so. Discounts are more probable and also increases in price are possible in their new financial year.

Within the newsletter this month we’ve featured the ACL year end and our new training centre. There is also a link to an excellent case study on CHC Helicopters who have taken on ACL’s cloud based GRC product which is having an immediate impact by reducing costs and easing the audit process. For the more technical of you we’ve also featured ACL’s new EXECUTE command which came with version 10 of their Analytics tool.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a great July and rest of summer!

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ACL End of Year Promotion

July is ACL’s year-end so this month we are promoting in line with special offers! Do not miss out, if you would like more details please do contact us and get your ACL licences reduced before the end of summer.

New Training Centre

Our new training centre is now up and running at our head office in Wakefield. The schedule will include all of our training courses for beginners or those beyond the basics we can deliver a wide range for all levels. We will also be featuring over the next few months breakfast seminars as well as refresher workshops so watch out for this! Alternatively, if you have attended a training course in the past and would like to sign up for a refresher course please respond to the newsletter and we will get in touch with you.

Upcoming Training Courses

Our ACL training courses are one of our most popular services. We have responded to the demand of more flexibility and added a new In-House schedule which will have a foundations and an advanced training course every month. We will also offer an alternating intermediate course within this schedule. If there is a course you are interested in that isn’t in the schedule let us know and we can arrange this for you. The ACL Certified Data Analyst Examination (ACDA) is also available every week on request for In-House only. Despite having In-House we will continue to offer London Open Enrolment courses every quarter (next ones are this September!).

Introducing ACL GRC: Governance, Risk and Compliance Simplified

Top 25 Analytic Tests for Every Organisation

ACL’s Superhero Sidekick, Phil Lim, is back with three new top tests tackling Expenses and Payroll:

Top 25 Tests for Analytic Superheroes: Test 5 Tutorial

CHC Helicopter Uses ACL GRC to Increase Productivity by 15% and Cut Software Costs by 60%

“ACL was really interested in incorporating our feedback into the software – not the other way around. Being able to work closely with ACL to help develop their solution, and then to have it work so well for us really captured our attention.”

Marian Jakovcic, Director of Internal Audit, CHC Helicopter

CHC Helicopter are using ACL GRC to create a seamless, highly efficient experience for the audit team and stakeholders across the CHC organisation.

Fresh GRC Webinar

Big Data and GRC

Q&A with John Verver

The term Big Data is used in a wide range of contexts, but it generally refers to the gathering and integration of data from various sources, both traditional and non-traditional, in order to obtain better insights into customers, prospects, market opportunities, and corporate performance. Although it is not often used in reference to risk management, controls, and compliance, it’s interesting to note that analysis of very large volumes of data from disparate sources has played a significant role in GRC for at least the past 10 years.

ACL Analytics 10 EXECUTE Command Contest

DataConsulting’s entries

The contest end date is fast approaching (31st July) and so far there have been some very exciting ACL execute scripts that have been entered in to the ACL Execute Command Contest! If you haven’t had the opportunity to look at these entries I would recommend to have a look at the Linkedin group, as the competition has been fierce with some excellent entries!

Frappuccino Corner

Favourite Summer Cocktails

The weather has inspired us to rename this months Coffee Corner to Frappuccino Corner! This month we will be covering two favourite summer cocktails and their recipes; they do include alcohol so please measure your amounts responsibly!


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