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I can’t believe the Olympics are nearly upon us! I’m very excited and as a lot of you may know, I have a strong interest in triathlon and will be following that very closely with the hope we will win a few medals.

Although our newsletter might not quite match up to the Olympics, I do hope you enjoy it – there’s plenty to go at including features on Compliance and the latest developments on ACL Acerno. For those of you going on holiday, hope you manage to get some rest and some decent weather!


Bullet proof compliance and the rise of data analytics

DataConsulting’s Principal Consultant Ian Anderson helps to bring some more awareness in using data analytics in compliance. A great read!

Partnerships With DataConsulting

Data Analytics – It’s time to work with us to get it right

DataConsulting does much more than ACL sales and training. Since our beginning, we have built strong relationships with our customers, providing a range of business services.

Top 10 Anti-Bribery Analytics

Data Analytics to Identify Red Flags

ACL has an extensive library of analytic tests that can quickly identify ‘red flags’, providing an invaluable early warning system against bribery and corruption.

Introducing ACL Acerno 2.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of ACL Acerno 2.0

ACL Acerno is an add-in for Microsoft Excel® that is designed for working with data results produced by analytic systems. A purpose-built Excel audit investigation tool, ACL Acerno allows you to protect and explore data; track your notes, status and tickmarks; and effortlessly share finished work.

ACL User Group meeting – 27th June

The latest meeting of the London User Group saw a large cross section of the ACL community in attendance, and a range of interesting topics covered.

Data Governance Part 4 – A short summary

Earlier in the year we began a series looking at Data Governance as an area of interest, and how this might relate to business. This month we wrap up the series.

Coffee Corner

Take a break from your emails and number-crunching with July’s edition of DataConsulting’s Coffee Corner. Get in the spirit of the Games with our Games-themed quiz.

Upcoming Events and ACL Open Enrolment Courses

ACL 182: Concepts and Practices – London, September 25-27, 2012 – Get a quote


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