DataConsulting Develops Revenue Assurance Models For Large Telecoms Company


“People in telecoms know that they can’t do without Revenue Assurance. We know it too. But why pay anymore for it than you have to?”

A search on the Internet reveals a number of organisations and reports that explain why revenue assurance is vital to telecoms. But look again and you’ll be hard pressed to find companies offering expertise and solutions in this space. And where they do, in many cases, the services they provide exclude the detailed forensic analysis of data and instead, focus solely on the controls that should be in place to stop errors. But no control is ever 100% effective, and what about errors that have already made it through? Even relatively small errors have a large impact down-stream. It can cost millions!

Controls are important, but detection, management and monitoring of errors is key.

Few organisations can analyse and report on the hundreds of millions of transactions that occur daily on our mobile networks, can reapply tariffs and customer discounts, or summarise on wholesale and retails CDRs. Those who can demand a premium. It is little wonder then that Telecoms businesses develop their own in house Revenue Assurance functions.

People in telecoms know that they can’t do without Revenue Assurance. We know it too. But why would you pay anymore for it than you have to? DataConsulting has a proven track record of cost effective revenue assurance applications. And the latest edition to our suite of offerings is TRAC, the Telecoms Revenue Assurance Calculator.


  • Customisable solutions and reports
  • Quick deployment and rapid reporting
  • Analysis of both retail and wholesale data
  • Ability to monitor the success of offers
  • Cost effective solutions when compared to the alternatives

TRAC we believe represents the very best in analytics. So why not get in touch and find out how we can help you.

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