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Apart from being resellers of ACL, we also provide consultancy services in data analytics. One of the greatest areas of interest is around the detection and recovery of duplicate payments. Despite the interest in this area, the intricacies of implementing duplicate payment analytics are not well understood. This newsletter introduces a series of articles on the subject that will help you build a picture of what is involved and how you can use ACL to implement a duplicate payments strategy.

If you are a lapsed ACL user or just considering introducing it to your organisation, I hope you will take advantage of our free evaluation offer, which entitles you to fully supported use of ACL Desktop edition for 30 days.

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Duplicate Payments Series

Part 1 – Introduction

In today’s austere times the drive to save costs is relentless. Over the next few months we’ll describe how you can detect and recover duplicate payments to your bottom line; one of the quickest and most effective ways of recovering hard cash to your organisation.

More than Audit – ACL for Marketing Analytics

Before you purchase any marketing analytics this year, consider the potential of ACL Desktop for analysing your marketing data.

How can you use ACL to measure the success of your advertising campaign?

ACL Lifts the Lid on Revenue Assurance

How do you audit your revenue data when there are hundreds of thousands of transactions? Be careful to avoid the pitfalls of spreadsheet modelling – there is a better way.

ACL can be used to apply rules in utilities and telcommunications.

Detecting Corporate Fraud

Whether it’s opportunistic pilfering or theft by deceit, fraud is big business, having cost UK business over £1.4bn in 2010.

Whilst there is good work behind the scenes of a few organisations, it is a sad truth that a majority of fraud is detected either by accident or by tip-off.

what can you do when someone tells you there’s a fraud.

ACL Helping Government Agencies

Analysing improper payments

The President of the United States instructed his Administration to reduce improper payments by £31 million by 2012 – the challenge was to determine how this could be done efficiently.

Audit software serves a pivotal role in providing adequate transparency and appropriate accountability in government and business. According to Col. Kelley, audit technology enables agencies to do forensics work and test 100% of the transactions.

the US Department of Defence used ACL to analyse improper payments.

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