Data-driven audit and risk management in action


Are you taking a risk-based approach to auditing? Is your data analysis work creating actionable results…or does it fall on deaf ears after it leaves your desk?

For a start, the solution lies in connecting all that hard work you do analyzing data directly into your audit plan—and, better yet, to the risks that your risk-based audit plan is keeping an eye on.

So, what does the future of data-driven audit, risk management, and compliance actually look like for the average workday of an ACL Analytics or Analytics Exchange user? And how can AN/AX users drive the value of all their data analysis efforts into the business?

Here’s a quick demo video from Phil Lim (of the ACL Blog‘s ever popular “Top 25 Tests for Every Organization” fame), which shows how to fire up the power of your data analysis engine by connecting your analytic results into your audit and compliance management plan, all in one place: the ACL GRC audit management and compliance management system. You’re only six minutes away from the future of audit and risk management…

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(Source: ACL Blog)

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