Data Analytics…The dangers of relying on a single resource

An increasingly common situation we are finding is that companies, even large organisations, rely on a resident expert to plan and deliver their data analytics projects and whilst its always great to have a Power User or Leader of Data Analytics to call on at any time, this approach has its drawbacks.

The dangers…

If this Power User were to be absent or left the business for any reason, where would this leave the Data Analytics function? Do you or your organisation have a contingency plan? In our experience, an expert that leaves usually takes their knowledge with them, therefore, we recommend contingency plans to cover factors such as:

  • Upcoming projects
  • Existing analytics that require ongoing maintenance
  • Preserving knowledge and your investment in data analytics tools or training
  • Avoiding the potential of having to start all over again with a data analytics programme

Another potential danger we find is that these Power Users tend to check their own work, which we feel is never a good situation either. It’s important that any analytics produced by one person are reviewed by another to ensure of reliability and credibility, as well as it being good practice regarding its usability, design and future maintenance.

A solution…

It is becoming increasingly apparent to us that there is a strong preference for organisations to deliver more data analytics in-house, however, we think that a more collaborative approach is more appealing.  To quote Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, therefore our suggestion is to get as many people involved from the start, as is possible; the data enthusiasts and those who are keen to make a difference. We also suggest bearing in mind key factors such as commitment, communication, and consistency and to think about the bigger picture and long-term planning. A collaborative approach brings with it:-

  • An option for continuation. Not having to either pick up, dust down or start all over
  • Preserves the investment that has been made to date, both from a monetary and knowledge perspective
  • Familiarity breeds confidence. A consistent approach brings with it quality and results
  • An opportunity for others to focus on the day job

…And above all, it keeps that valuable knowledge in the business!

How can we help?

Over the last 15 years we have helped organisations deliver high quality data analytics through training, consultancy, and resource secondment. If you are relying on a single resource to deliver your data analytics programme it may be worth considering us as an additional point of reference or as an assurance mechanism to ensure your organisation’s data analytics programme doesn’t slip into the danger zone. Contact us at

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