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DataConsulting has introduced many organisations to the benefits of data analytics, establishing them with the tools and the skills to use them effectively.

In addition to providing ACL software, training, and analytic development, we have also been involved with high-level analysis and reporting on how an organisation uses data analytics, in the form of a Data Analytics Review.

Why do a Data Analytics Review?

There are many reasons why an organisation may undertake a review of its Data Analytics (DA) strategy and operations:

  • seeking to develop a DA strategy;
  • looking to move towards Continuous Controls Monitoring;
  • understand whether the current DA strategy is effective and where improvements can be made;
  • determine whether the ROI on its data analytics programme is adequate;
  • external auditors have instructed greater use of DA in Internal & I.T. audit.
Why use DataConsulting?

DataConsulting has the in-depth knowledge of leveraging data analytics in many areas of business beyond Internal and I.T. Audit, and years of experience working with a wide variety of organisations with different goals. Therefore we can provide independent assessment of the current strategy and practices and make recommendations.

As independent consultants, we work with audit, finance, and I.T. teams and with management to gather information and seek opinions.

If you are questioning the effectiveness of your Data Analytics strategy and operations, contact DataConsulting to discuss whether a Data Analytics Review could be valuable to you.

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