dab:GmbH Customer Day

On Friday 21st January 2022, our colleagues and friends over at SAP specialists dab:GmbH delivered a “one stop shop for your business analytics needs” presentation and were delighted to introduce a few new products to the market.

You can request the link to the event recording here:- dab:GmbH_Customer_Day

Here is dab:GmbH’s latest product list:-

  • dab:Exporter: Software for extracting data from SAP and converting it into data formats like CSV, SQL etc. Please note that dab:Exporter does not create ACL AN or AX or Robotics format, as this is done exclusively by the product SAP Connector by Galvanize
  • dab:Link: Software that allows you to link from sources like Highbond Results, ACL AN, ACL AX WebClient or Microsoft Excel to SAP (opening an SAP transaction by clicking on a link; e.g. displaying a financial document directly)
  • dab:AnalyticSuite: A user friendly, integrated and well-thought out self-service data analytics platform with analytic content, base tables and tests for SAP data. The dab:AnalyticSuite is available as an add-on to ACLs analytic solutions, but will be provided in an SQL environment soon as well
  • dab:ProcessIntelligence: This product generates event logs based on SAP data for different processes like P2P or O2C. Those event logs can be imported in process mining tools like MINIT or PAF
  • dab:AnalyticIntelligence: Similar to the dab:AnalyticsSuite, it provides analytic content with a Machine Learning background, for identifying clusters in data, doing advanced duplicate searches, text quality KPIs or process comparisons of accounting transactions
  • dab:neXus: This is a platform containing software for extracting data from SAP and converting it into data formats like SQL that allows you to manage analytic content

If you would like to receive further information in relation to any of the dab:GmbH products please contact us

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