Craig joins the DataConsulting team as Technical Services Consultant

Craig PickersgillHi I’m Craig,

I’m a born and bred Barnsley lad, never really strayed too far away from home and never really knew how to keep my voice down, that was until I moved to Bolton University to study Graphic Design. When nobody understood ‘put coyle int hoyle’ it was then I realised I needed to tone down the Yorkshire slang a little and start using ‘the’ in sentences.

After University, I still felt like a kid, a student, too young to go out into the big world, so I went small and moved into computer retail, a petty cash earner to begin with, but being the hard worker I consider myself to be I started to carve myself paths to careers and new opportunities within the industry, working my way up to management and being responsible for teams of colleagues and targets.

As a fully-fledged glory hunter, Manchester United fan here, I like to win. I consider myself a dab hand at Fifa and Football Manager, losing is not an option! I take a game of Fifa more serious than my sleep, always one more game then I’m done! I’m not half bad at the odd real-life game of football either.

After nine and a half years of sales and retail I felt the industry changing, I started to feel a little more grown up and started to consider what I’d done in my life and what I wanted to do. That’s where DataConsulting came in. Rather than working for a huge corporation where my impact felt miniscule and unnoticed I feel here I’ll be appreciated and fundamental. Using my knowledge gained from what I sold for a living, I can start putting into practice my IT expertise to deliver them a stable and secure infrastructure. From my ever-present passion for Design I also can’t wait to provide DataConsulting with another option of providing its clients with stellar results and an intriguing cutting edge on an evolving market. Its needless to say I am thoroughly excited for the future and look forward to being present and involved in DataConsulting’s next step.

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